JEONG | Winter Olympics… In Ithaca?

Dear Mayor Myrick,

I hope your February break has been going well. It’s been a few weeks since I saw you driving through the Commons. I waved at you, but you pretended not to notice. I’m going to act like that never happened, because I have bigger issues that I want to address today. Since the last time we’ve met, I’ve been watching a lot of this Winter Olympics — dozens of sports that I never knew existed two weeks ago have now consumed my entire life.

News Brief: Mayor Proposes 2007 Budget at Nearly $52 Million

Ithaca Mayor Carolyn K. Peterson proposed a budget for 2007 of nearly $52 million. The new budget includes a 2.26 percent tax rate increase and 6.1 percent tax levy increase, the lowest levy increase since 2002, according to City Controller Steve Thayer.