HAGOPIAN | Men Are Mortal

Recently I heard someone say something to the effect of “wow, you know, time’s going by really fast. We don’t have that much more time here.” I found out after the fact that she’s a senior and she meant that she didn’t have much time left at Cornell. My reply, however, was something like “yeah, only about sixty-five more years.” Her only response was an incredulous look. This intrigued me. Mortality, I realized, is the last holy thing yet to be profaned.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Why is Sex so Taboo?

Sex is arguably the most ubiquitous and important behavior across the entirety of the human race. Without sex, humans would literally cease to exist. Both men and women think about sex many times every day, and the focus on sex can be seen in a huge variety of contexts, from clothing advertisements to the hordes of single college students who pack themselves into sweaty bars, clubs and frat parties. But despite the ubiquity of sex and sexual thoughts, many people are extremely uncomfortable talking about sex, even with those close to them. Frank discussions on topics related to sex remain taboo in many areas of our society.