GUEST ROOM | A Donald Trump is Coming for Pro Basketball

The NBA, like America, is on an unsustainable course of growth and excess. The league is taking more and more three-pointers every year, and playing at a faster and faster pace — and just two teams, the top one percent of the league, have a near monopoly on elite players. The Warriors and Cavs will likely face each other in this year’s championship for the third consecutive time. A backlash is coming. America, too, has experienced a backlash: in this case, to the accelerated pace of global finance, demographic change and widening inequality.

DENSON | Where Do the Knicks Go From Here?

Columnist Ben Denson discusses the the train wreck that is the New York Knicks, and what to do after this underwhelming 2015-2016 season. Is Melo no longer the answer? Who should the Knicks hire to be head coach? Denson gives his two cents.

SCAZZERO | The Era of the Meme

The meme is a weird phenomenon of the 21st century. Memes appear suddenly out of nowhere and then travel everywhere. It all starts with a picture of a random person’s face capturing some oddly specific expression, and then boom, it spreads like wildfire and before you know it, some new unsuspecting subject has their face plastered all over the Internet. Meme-fame is fast and furious, as they never last very long (except for a rare few) because as we all know, fame is fleeting — even meme-fame. The most popular meme of late, the “meme du jour” — if you will — is of a girl in a blue dress sitting up straight with her ankles crossed and lips pursed while “smizing” at the camera.

DENSON | Journeymen are the Unrecognized Heroes in Sports

Can April be Neil Walker month in New York? In a season that started with a dose of offensive uncertainty for the Mets, Neil Walker has performed well above expectations- so far. Mets faithfuls will never forget Daniel Murphy and his historic postseason power surge, but with newcomer Walker everything seems to be okay for the moment. Seen as two extremely similar second basemen, Walker was “Plan B” this offseason behind All-Star, and ultra-utility player Ben Zobrist. The gaping hole Murphy left in the middle infield has been filled, or so we hope.

DENSON | Beware, the NBA Lockout Is Near

As David Stern’s hair was graying by the hour, dozens of players went overseas to play in foreign basketball leagues. The NBA’s television providers lost about one billion dollars, and fans had to turn to other ways to get nightly entertainment — like cooking elaborate meals with cultural delicacies, finishing the world’s biggest Lego model or watching the humdrum NHL drag through another season. With the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement set for an opt-out clause in 2016 — effective by June 2017 — we could see this again.