Dwyer Praises Skill, Maturity of Gators

Forever Wild

During my time at Cornell, I’ve put more time and energy into watching and writing about college sports than any other single endeavor. I’ve risked the wrath of my mother and professors by letting my class attendance and grades slip so I could chase down stories. I’ve missed birthday parties and disappointed friends in order to sit in a press box and watch any number of football, hockey, basketball or lacrosse games.

March Madness Breakdown

Realizing my weekly radio show, “The Sports Bonanza” was coming up Wednesday afternoon, I knew I had a responsibility, nay, a radio journalistic integrity to honor the pressure and demands of my listeners. My mother (comment: “I wish you would cut down on the potty humor, then I could tell your aunt and uncle”), occasionally my ex-girlfriend (comment: “It was fine”) and a couple of my drunken fraternity brothers (who once called in to ask if we knew a store that wouldn’t card if they tried to buy beer). Still, for my own sanity and the fact that my current my get-rich-quick idea (the pyramid scheme I was working on recently fell through) is to enter as many five dollar pools figuring I’ll win one, I had to fill out my bracket Wednesday night after returning home from putting out the Spring sports supplement. Here’s a play-by-play of my thoughts while filling out the bracket.