editorial 11-6

EDITORIAL: Vote ‘No’ on New York State Constitutional Convention

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This coming Tuesday, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to call for a state constitutional convention. While the idea of revising the state constitution is an attractive one, to do so now would be at best a non-event with costly side-effects, and at worst a dangerous exercise in the rollback of currently-existing protections. As a result, we urge voters to reject a constitutional convention at the ballot box this week. In the event of a convention, almost all delegates would be elected from existing state senate districts (15 would be elected at-large). The state senate map is consistently gerrymandered by the Republicans who have controlled the upper chamber for all but three years since 1938.

KOWALEWSKI | There’s No Excuse

A long, contentious, and exhausting election has finally come to a close. Yet, this is the point where your part actually counts. When millions of Americans go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, they’ll be charting our nation’s course for the next four years. Make sure you’re one of them. That’s the simple point of this column: I’m asking you to vote, and telling you why should.