Sun Polls University on COVID-19

“Being a first-year graduate student and coming from a large public university in Texas, the difference in COVID-19 responses between there and [Cornell] has been night and day,” said Matthew Dew grad. “At times it can feel like a bit much, but on the whole, I think they’ve done a pretty good job.”

One Ring Donuts Seeks New Ownership

“One Ring’s future is sincerely up to the creativity, interest, and skill set of whoever ends up taking on the business next,” store founder Amy Cohen said. One Ring Donuts closed in April due to unexpected circumstances, and plans to reopen under new ownership.

University Responds to Dobbs v. Jackson With Statement

On Friday, the University published a statement calling the Supreme Court’s elimination of constitutional protections for abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson “disappointing.” Student groups have been reacting throughout the day to both the Court’s decision and University’s statement.

Students Move Out of Dorms as Spring Semester Ends

With the end of final exams on May 21, students have been leaving their dorms for the summer, sometimes with only a day between the end of their exams and the final deadline for vacating their campus housing.