FRIEDMAN | Keeping Them Honest

As Andrew Morse ‘96, a distinguished media executive, wrote in a sentimental 2011 Sun piece, “I still have such great reverence for The Cornell Daily Sun.” 

In an exercise of deep contrast, in November of last year, one Reddit user wrote: “Why do these kids treat every article like a blog post. I’ve never seen a university paper so unprofessional and simply hard to read.” Another wrote in 2018: “In my opinion 90% of the newspaper is irrelevant to every day student life, uninteresting, or intentionally provocative.”

During my time writing for the paper, I have been fortunate to receive favorable reviews from faculty and other University stakeholders. As a reader of the other columns, I have also found a number of columnists discerning and thoughtful.

A Color Craze

The following is a funny explanation of a mistake made by our printing press partners, The Leder. John C. Schroeder ’74, the Sun’s production manager and all around press guru narrates for your enjoyment. Having a print edition of December 6th’s paper in hand might help with the explanations:

“If any of you thought the color looked a little odd on the front and back pages of today’s paper, you were correct.

Granted, because of the last-night-of-the-semester partying, the last flats got to The Leader VERY late: the last flat was sent just before 4:45 a.m. So The Leader’s press crew was rushed.