MALINA | A Clarification on Student Suspensions

RE: “WILSON | The Power to Evict” (opinion, May 2)

I write to offer an important correction to what was stated in a guest column by Nick Wilson on May 2. 

A student on temporary suspension approached West Campus House staff at approximately 6:40 p.m. on Wednesday expressing concerns about their ID card access. Staff immediately provided the student a temporary ID card to ensure continued access to their housing and dining privileges and assured them that this ID card would work until move-out if their original ID was not fixed. No student on temporary suspension in connection with the unauthorized encampment on the Arts Quad has been informed by the University that they have been evicted or must vacate university housing this term. Any assumption otherwise is incorrect. Students on temporary suspension who are living on campus continue to have access to housing, dining and student health services.

WILSON | The Power to Evict

Do not look away from Gaza, and let your shock at such images drive you to action — not despair. Direct action against our University’s material support for the Israeli occupation is a moral necessity given the gravity of what we are up against.