of Montreal Brings Skeletons to The Haunt

of Montreal, a critically acclaimed indie rock/psychedelic pop band from Athens, Georgia took the stage at The Haunt on Thursday, Oct. 24. A crowded group of mostly students enjoyed an extremely fun and wacky performance. Locate S,1, a band with close ties to of Montreal, opened for an hour as the crowd trickled in, playing a few upbeat indie rock songs. I enjoyed their performance, although I found their repertoire very repetitive.

Guerilla Toss, Therm, Eagle Daddy, What Nerve Slay at Cayuga Lodge

On Thursday, Cornell’s Fanclub Collective organized yet another fantastic line-up for a sweet night of trippy light shows and punk and noise music at Cayuga Lodge. Up first was Nicki Duval of What Nerve. Unfortunately, I could only listen from several stories up in the building as I was hurriedly finishing school work so I could head to the show. Luckily, their glitchy dance-noise beats shook the whole house. I only heard positive things about the performance.