Eating Lavish on North: A Trial Lunch at Morrison Dining Hall

When you first see Morrison Dining Hall, you may ask yourself, “Am I at Cornell or Hyatt Regency?” 

With the expansion of North Campus, some freshmen have had the privilege of enjoying the new gym and dorms. If you’re thinking,“Why is our tuition so expensive?” Now you know. But, before I give you a sneak peek of Morrison Dining Hall (which opens in Spring 2022), I want to offer some good news: you can have a hotel-quality lunch at Morrison every Thursday! So, if you feel like eating at an on-campus Shake Shack or Panera Bread, next Thursday is your chance. Anyways, let’s explore Morrison Dining Hall together! How’s the interior?

GUEST ROOM | On Naming a Dormitory

Titles are symbolic, of course, but they also carry weight. When the buildings on a university campus are named for robber barons and captains of industry, that says something about the institution, and about the purpose of the education we receive. In buildings that bear the name of the highest bidder, are we not being told — perhaps subtly, perhaps brutally — that our post-collegiate life also belongs to whatever entity makes the winning offer? So it was with real pride that I read that new North Campus dormitories were being named not for mega-donors, but for those whose lives set a stunning and wondrous example. Toni Morrison M.A. ’55.