PUTTING IT INTO FOCUS | Six Things to do in New York City Over Spring Break

If you know me well as a fellow Cornellian, you know how obsessed I am with New York, and specifically NYC. I have a New York state of mind and I’m a New Yorker at heart. When it comes down to deciding where to go for Spring Break, I can’t fathom choosing anywhere else over the beautiful city of New York (although I do know Miami is also quite popular). So for all of you making the right choice and going to the city for Spring Break, here is my list of top attractions:

1. Stroll down the South Street Sea Port

This tops the list as  one of my favorite places to visit on almost any given day.

STANTON | Aziz, Louie and New York City

In the most recent season of Louis C.K.’s hilariously depressing series Louie, the titular character takes his 16-year-old daughter to a matinee of a “celebrated 1960s play” that stars the dream lineup of Michael Cera, John Lithgow and Matthew Broderick (sadly, this play does not exist and was created for the purpose of the show). During an especially dramatic moment in the performance, Louie looks over at his daughter, Lilly, and notices her messing with her phone. Immediately after the curtain falls, he commences a familiar tirade about her (our) entire generation sacrificing their engagement with the real world in favor of a screen-based lifestyle. In a moment uncharacteristic of the show, Lilly snaps back, explaining that she had been reading up on the play’s production history in order to better understand what was happening onstage. Louie’s reaction is priceless — equal parts pleased by his daughter’s appreciation of the play and shocked by his own false assumptions about her.

Documenting the Brooklyn Blues

Students take pregnancy tests, hand over drugs and run from cops all in the hours before they trudge into class on the first day of school. These are not the typical scenarios that we see on television teen dramas nowadays. On Monday afternoon, Cornell alum and writer/director Trac Minh Vu ’97 presented a screening of his TV pilot Red Hook High, where students are as far away from the luxuries of the good life as they can get.