Cornell Economics Professor, Radical Anti-War Activist Dies at 97

Dowd told students that a Cornell education was “boring and wasteful” in 1969, The Sun reported at the time, and said, “people are being crippled here.” The only thing that makes life interesting, he said, is the “ability to use your mind,” and he blamed the culture of Cornell largely on students and faculty.

Joe Turcotte died of cancer on Monday. He has been the service's general manager since 2005.

TCAT General Manager Joe Turcotte Dies at 51

Under Turcotte’s leadership, TCAT was recognized as the best transit system of its size in North America by the American Public Transit Association in 2011.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Remembering Father Daniel Berrigan

To the Editor:
I’m happy to have seen some remembrance of the life of Father Daniel Berrigan in Tuesday’s Sun. I am disappointed, however, that aside from a few references to historical events of public record, The Sun seems not to have researched its own archives for a more substantial account of Dan’s time at Cornell. Writing as someone who was here at the time — and there are many besides me still in Ithaca — I can say that his example as man of conscience, poet and priest had a major influence on my education and life. I can only hope that today’s students encounter such great souls on their own journeys. Peter Fortunato, Arts and Sciences ’72