BUONANNO | The Campus Code Needs a COVID-Specific Revision

Countless irresponsible acts on campus go unchecked every day. For those living in Collegetown and on North, it is not a secret that student organizations are still throwing social events. What the Code needs right now is a COVID-19 specific amendment which lays out a comprehensive and clear system by which disciplinary action is assigned to those in violation of the Behavioral Compact.

EDITORIAL: In Defense of Mitch McBride

When The Sun published the AFAWG documents, it did so in the interest of transparency. As an independent news organization, it is incumbent on us to report issues and stories important to and affecting the Cornell and broader Ithaca community, such as the proposed changes to Cornell’s admissions policy. It is unfortunate that such discussions were taking place behind closed doors with such limited input from the Cornell student body — had the proceedings been more transparent, leaks would not have been necessary.