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Disregarding Olin, the Arts Quad is architecturally cohesive. McGraw, Morrill, and White Hall form a symmetrical, vaguely gothic trio. While the buildings themselves may be crumbling and held together by metal beams, in part due to the chronic underfunding of the humanities, they’re nevertheless exactly what you would picture an Ivy League university to look like, especially with the iconic Slope right behind it.

Police Apprehend Olin Laptop Thief

Kelsey McBean, the son of Tompkins County legislator Leslyn McBean-Clairborne (D-1st Ward), was arrested Wednesday for attempting to steal a laptop from Olin Library, according to the Cornell University Police crime log. At 5:35 p.m. Tuesday, McBean sprinted from the library with the stolen laptop, entering McGraw clock tower. According to one witness, he was seen carrying a knife. Police removed McBean from the tower approximately 20 minutes later and he was referred to Ithaca City Court, according to the crime log. Legislator McBean-Clairborne is the director of the Greater Ithaca Activities Center.