SEX ON THURSDAY | To Screw or Not To Screw (In the Stacks)

Today I write with a confession of my own naivety, willing to admit that despite my self-proclaimed breadth of knowledge regarding Cornell’s sexscape, there is one element of our campus’ sensual situation that I have critically overlooked: I did not realize that people were actually fucking in the stacks.

BARDMESSER | Bring Boardman Back

Disregarding Olin, the Arts Quad is architecturally cohesive. McGraw, Morrill, and White Hall form a symmetrical, vaguely gothic trio. While the buildings themselves may be crumbling and held together by metal beams, in part due to the chronic underfunding of the humanities, they’re nevertheless exactly what you would picture an Ivy League university to look like, especially with the iconic Slope right behind it.

Mann v. Olin: Café Battle

It’s May, so you are probably reading this in a library, on the grass right outside a library, on your way to a library or in your room contemplating which library you should go to. With two libraries boasting practical, in-house cafés, Olin and Mann, the choice boils down to which café is better.

Renovation Highlights Fire Safety Issues

The news of Olin Library’s renovation, which is set to begin in 2009, includes plans to update the building’s fire safety system and has stirred discussion on campus, raising questions as to how safe University buildings actually are.
That Olin Library does not meet fire codes brings into question fire safety systems in other buildings on campus.
Carl A. Kroch University Librarian Anne R. Kenney did not explicitly say whether or not Uris Library, built in 1891, meets fire codes. The building has never been completely renovated despite “numerous renovations [and] improvements to portions of the building,” according to Kenney.

Pending Univ. Approval, Olin Library Preps for Renovation

Olin Library’s renovation, scheduled to begin in 2009 will usher in a new age of technological expansion to supplement the library’s current services. The renovation entails a physical and administrative transformation that will accommodate the needs of faculty, graduate students and undergraduates.
The Olin Renovation Planning Committee is overseeing the project, which focuses on floors three to eight in its first phase. It has not yet received approval from the trustees, thus the plans are very tentative and do not provide many details.