GUEST ROOM | Be Curious, Stay Eager

Orientation week at Cornell is always fun. It can be FUN. “FUN.” Funnnnnn. Or just fun, which comes out sounding a lot closer to, “fine,” than “fun.” This year, however, was the most FUN. As a junior, two orientation weeks have come and gone for me.

MORADI | You Don’t Have To Like It Here

Somehow, every freshman is simultaneously horny and anxious and tired and excited and sweaty during O-week. Part of my on-campus job involves trying to parse through these feelings with first-year students, assuaging their fears and elevating their excitement. I generally try to keep things positive. I tell them how I love the Ithaca Farmers Market, Manndible oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies and running through Forest Home Drive. I slipped up last year when I was on a student panel for Cornell Days and a really perceptive prefrosh asked what I didn’t like about Cornell.

GROSKAUFMANIS | More Than Orientation

When I was a freshman, every reputable national newspaper had a 40 year-old writing about how to “do college” correctly and effectively. And while crumbs of their advice were useful, I also felt like the prescriptions for how to act and perform were more stressful than anything else.

First-Year Students Raise Concerns About Orientation Events at Student Assembly Meeting

Members of the Cornell Orientation Steering Committee and Student Assembly addressed concerns from first year students at a forum hosted during Thursday’s Student Assembly meeting at Robert Purcell Community Center. After concluding the S.A. general meeting, President Jordan Berger ’17 opened the forum by asking members of the community — especially first-year students — to come forward and share what they felt was missing from their transition to Cornell. OSC co-chair Ethan Kramer ’17 — along with OSC members Finn McFarland ’18 and Emily Hunsinger ’18 — fielded questions from the community. After a few minutes of discussion, ILR student Joseph Anderson ’20 sparked a long conversation on the required orientation events Tapestry and Speak About It by recalling a hostile exchange between a student moderator and an audience member during a Tapestry question and answer session. “At least in [my Tapestry event], it got very hostile between the student moderator and the students who were questioning,” Anderson said.

Orientation ’09 Eases Transition to Cornell

One of the main challenges for each Orientation Steering Committee is putting a new spin on the annual event.
According to Jack Cao ’10, one of the members on the OSC, this year the committee is trying to give the orientation theme a more prominent role than previous years’ themes.
“What makes 2009 unique is the emphasis on integration,” Cao said. “The theme of technology is meant as a metaphor for the OSC’s attempt to get the new freshmen integrated and connected to Cornell.”

Dump and Run Coordinators Donate Proceeds to Charity

For two days during Orientation Week, students, parents and community members formed a queue outside Helen Newman Recreational Center for the Dump and Run sale. The sale, which runs every August, features items that Cornell students donate at the end of the spring semester. For those unfortunate enough to be at the back of the line, there were times where it took them up to three hours to get into the building to see what was for sale.
Yesterday, all those who helped make the Dump and Run sale possible came together to celebrate the success of the event and distribute the proceeds from the sales.

Univ. Welcomes Class of 2012

As wide-eyed freshmen wander aimlessly across campus and noise complaints in Collegetown add up, one thing has become abundantly clear (or maybe blurry to some): orientation is here. Today marks the fourth day since over 3,000 freshmen arrived to campus, and the week has thus far played host to a wide variety of activities.
On Friday, North Campus was bustling with minivans and station wagons piled to the brim as new students moved into their dormitories. Orientation Leaders, aided by Resident Assistants and members of the Greek Community, helped families move in.
The overarching theme for the week was “superheroes,” encouraging Orientation Leaders to be heroes for their new students.