BEARD | Go Outside

It won’t be long till the bulk of us find ourselves in cubicles stacked together like sardines, so go fill up on fresh air while you still can. For now, though, you go to a university surrounded by greenery with some of the most robust outdoor programming, all readily available for students. Take advantage of it.

Outdoor Odyssey

“Now if everyone would please, put their Nalgene as high as they can …
Man, I love hiking, ay!
I love camping, ay!
I love hiking, ay!
I love Odyssey, ay!”
More or less parodying Asher Roth’s “I Love College,” Kerran and Oliver’s skit at Camp O Rama was sort of well sung, not very well heard, but extremely entertaining nonetheless. Followed by men (and women!) in tights, climbing Olympics, a surprise head shaving, and ice cream galore, the Adirondack Backpacking trip set the tone for a ridiculous evening that celebrated the conclusion of Outdoor Odyssey 2009.