Sun Polls University on COVID-19

“Being a first-year graduate student and coming from a large public university in Texas, the difference in COVID-19 responses between there and [Cornell] has been night and day,” said Matthew Dew grad. “At times it can feel like a bit much, but on the whole, I think they’ve done a pretty good job.”

SPARACIO | Unmasking a New Reality

While I finally feel that I am back to normal life, it is undoubtable that reality and “normalcy” have altered. At such an impressionable point in our lives, it seems probable that the pandemic will influence us psychologically, mentally and developmentally — something we may not uncover for years to come.

WAITE | Tilting the Red Cup

The red cup scenario reminds me of the necessity of a break. Weekends are like pouring out a few drops from my red cup, but by Tuesday, the cup is full again, and on Wednesday, the contents of the cup are dribbling down the sides. Thursday comes, and the cup is wishing it was a bottomless bowl. Again, the cup is me, and my bottomless bowl would be longer weekends, more time in the day or being more capable than I am.

WILK | Faking it Until You Don’t Want to Make it Anymore

I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society in seventh grade. Our mentors were eighth-graders seasoned by nothing more than hours of community service that most either forged or substituted for familial favors. Following their footsteps, we were to stand in the middle school gymnasium and be introduced to the families of spectators in the bleachers, ending with our career aspirations. I was freshly thirteen and my future plans were far from concrete.