Zinni Derives Meaning From Middle East Crisis

With the Middle East crisis at the forefront of media coverage and debate, Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni brought a unique perspective to the situation yesterday, speaking of his first-hand experience as a mediator between Israeli and Palestinian political parties.
“I have never encountered a process as complicated and complex as this one,” Zinni said.
Zinni, a Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of 1956 Professor, began his discussion in front of the packed HEC Auditorium with his worry that the Middle East peace efforts are being eclipsed by the current economic crisis and various other events.

West Point Experts Codify Terrorism

Representatives from the Combating Terror Center at West Point gave a talk to a small but intellectually stimulated cadre of students and professors in Martha van Rensselaer Hall yesterday. William Braniff and Alex Gallo, both West Point graduates and former service men in the United States Military, hoped to codify and illuminate the nature of a Middle Eastern terrorist threat that, according to their organization, remains obfuscated to the general public.
“[Our goal] is to help you get through the contextual layers in order to understand what Al-Qaeda is,” Braniff said. “The threat derives its legitimacy … from much more than a little bit of 18-year-old angst.”