LEE | The Need for Fundamental Reform in the Catholic Church

Anger, sorrow, disbelief — these were just some of the emotions I felt upon receiving news that our university’s Catholic chaplain Father Carsten Martensen received allegations for sexual abuse of a minor in the 1970s. To any other individual, this may have been just one of the many recent attestations of the Roman Catholic clergy’s sexual abuse cases. Yet, I had never personally experienced, nor did I ever expect, such allegations arising from within my very own community. The news came as an utter shock and disturbance — to think that the chaplain who had provided significant guidance and wisdom throughout my time here at Cornell may have possibly exploited a child and kept silent for all these years. Catholicism has been an important part of my life, especially at Cornell.

Track Heads to Quaker Invite

The Cornell track and field teams will see action tomorrow in the Quaker Invitational at the University of Pennsylvania. The meet comes on the heels of a weeklong training trip to Irvine, Calif., which concluded with the UC Irvine Spring Break Invitational.
The Red’s intense practice schedule will help the team perform at its peak later in the season, but it has left many sore and fatigued.
“At Irvine, it’s usually just a long week of training,” said junior thrower Scott Jaffee. “We have two-a-days there and we train pretty hard, so we’re pretty tired by the end.”