PeopleSoft Functions Smoothly

Yesterday’s CoursEnroll proceeded with no issues, according to David Yeh, vice president for student and academic services. The program allowed more than 2,000 seniors to submit their course requests for the Spring 2009 semester within the first half hour of the enrollment period, he said.
The apparent success of CoursEnroll came as a sigh of relief to students who had experienced bugs and glitches in the program when it was launched in April. The program’s subsequent failure to allow students to add and drop courses earlier this semester caused further distress.

PeopleSoft Hinders Review of Aid Applications

12 days after classes started, about 750 students’ financial aid applications are still being processed due to complications from the implementation of PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft replaced JustTheFacts software and now manages students’ personal, academic, bursar and financial aid information.
“PeopleSoft is certainly the major factor in the delay,” Doris Davis, associate provost for admissions and enrollment, stated in an email. She cited late student applications as another cause.
“We want to encourage students who are in urgent situations to come to the Office of Financial Aid and speak to a financial aid counselor,” she added.