GUEST ROOM | Cornell’s Student Veterans Deserve A Home

We call on President Martha Pollack and the Cornell administration to repurpose the former Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house at 525 Stewart Avenue as a program house for veterans and civic-minded students. A group of students and alumni have proposed this drastic change for the house to Vice President Lombardi with more than 118 letters of support.  We, a current student and an alumnus both unaffiliated with Phi Kappa Psi, wholeheartedly back this proposal. Cornell should dedicate 525 Stewart for veterans and their civilian allies. The Cornell Undergraduate Veteran Association has sought a space to call its own since its establishment in 2015.  Repurposing 525 Stewart would support civic-minded students. Additionally, it would support many of Cornell’s ongoing initiatives and be a substantial step towards making Cornell the leading home for student veterans among its peers. 

Cornell serves a variety of students in a variety of ways.

EDITORIAL: Lawsuit Filed By Family of Deceased Freshman Antonio Tsialas ’23 Is a Call to Action

If you see something, say something. If you hear something, say something. According to The Sun’s reporting, the parents of Antonio Tsialas ’23 are suing Cornell University, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and individuals. Cornellians who know information — but are willingly hiding that information from law enforcement — are sinning against the parents, siblings and friends of Tsialas. Cease the all-too-Cornellian habit of selfishness.