Pinball Wizards

As I dug further into the negatives tonight, I was looking for something that would be one of those quintessential 1970s photos – plaid pants, long hair, and perhaps some old computers. I found those shots and scanned them in immediately. But, as I was looking for a Sun article to go along with them, I came across the following:

Farewell Seniors, Hello Summer!

Well guys, that’s it! The Sun is done for the year! While this is good news for those of us who haven’t slept since January, it’s sad news for you because you won’t be getting your daily dose of photos! Fear not, loyal readers, because we’ve done so many slideshows this semester that can you watch one every single week of the summer and still have some to spare. So now when you find yourself reminiscing about all of the great things that happened at Cornell this year, you can just fire up, make your way to this post, and let our photos bring you back in time. Pretty awesome, wouldn’t you say?

In The Line Of Fire

There was a time when having a huge camera (or two!) strapped around your neck got you access to pretty much anything. Unfortunately, the day of the consumer dSLR is upon us and it seems that everyone and everyone’s uncle has at least a Canon Rebel XTi. This is bad news for the photographers who actually NEED to get into the action to get a photo.

A Week In Review

We’re trying something new in the Photo Department. Since our new online slideshows have been so well received, we decided to find a way to have some sort of consistency in our postings. The result: This Week In Photos. It’s a huge undertaking and we’re hoping to be able to get one of these out to you each and every Thursday of publication (that means no show over Spring Break! Sorry!). It even plays on its own, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

From Behind the Lens

Let’s face it, when you first open the paper in the morning, the first thing you do is look at the pictures. I mean, who wants to digest all of that text before your morning doubleshot? The photos make the paper more manageable at such an ungodly hour. You take a look at it, maybe read the caption and then decide whether or not you have the brainpower to delve into the rest of the story.