POGGI | Too Many Students, Not Enough Seats

When people complain about the arduous journey of the pre-med track, buzzwords emerge like numbers on a bingo card. If anything, “words” is a stretch; instead, acronyms and nicknames like MCAT and orgo stick out in our humanities-deprived vocabulary. What you often don’t hear, though, are complaints over the inability actually to enroll in a course. Given Cornell’s academic rigor, complaints should center on course content, regardless of major or pre-professional track. Yet, with Cornell’s chronic over-enrollment, class availability has become the limiting reactant in graduation progress, career goals, declaring majors and minors or simple interest in academic exploration.

DERY | One Last Lick

The other day, I spoke with a friend who asked about how I liked my time at Cornell. To that I said, “I got lucky.” I got lucky starting a fantasy football league with two podmates on the fourth floor of Kay Hall. I got lucky randomly sitting next to a student at Appel, who later that night introduced me to a fellow physics major. They are all now my closest friends. I got lucky that home was a two hour bus ride away, and I could go see family and reset whenever I needed. I got lucky that I had a support system around me that talked me out of stupid decisions like pulling unnecessary all-nighters, and talked me into stupider ones like bat hunting in McGraw Hall. 

$10 Million Donation Aids the Exploration of Quantum Physics

After receiving a $10 million donation from David Meehl ’72, Cornell is looking to make big strides in the field of quantum physics by increasing their resources on campus including faculty and laboratory equipment in efforts to become the leading university in this research area.