Pronto is Right — Collegetown’s Newest Spot Serves Good Pizza, Fast

In recent years, the commercial pizza game has seen a dramatic shift. Gone are the days when a gooey slice the size of your face will suffice. Pizza lovers have grown tired of the triangular-shaped grease stain left behind on a paper plate. Flour-dusted lips and oily fingers just don’t cut it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be an audience of cheese addicts to support establishments like Enzo’s and CollegeTown Pizza.

Food Ethics | Medicine for the Lonely

While walking up the stairs in my house, I saw my brother Mike’s door was propped open. I popped my head in to see how he was doing. Talking with him, we happened upon the topic of illness. “My throat has been so sore that it hurts even to swallow. I wouldn’t mind the cough otherwise.”

Well, I had a solution for that!

Thompson and Bleecker: Neapolitan With a Twist

What Thompson and Bleecker has to offer surely goes beyond its creative artisanal pizza. Gazing around this vibrant Ithaca Commons spot on a Thursday evening transports me; I am no longer in Ithaca, but in New York City, almost. Perhaps this feeling is evoked since owners Milly and George named Thompson and Bleecker after the intersection of their first apartment in the city. The candles on each sleek, wooden table twinkle. Milly makes her rounds, ensuring all guests are having a wonderful time, which is an easy feat. Patrons sip on red wine while simultaneously biting into doughy crust and cheesy goodness.

Sammy’s Pizzeria Closes Doors in Collegetown

After operating for two years in the heart of Collegetown, Sammy’s Pizzeria closed Wednesday, according to Sam Chafee, the restaurant’s owner. Since its opening in 2014, the restaurant has become one of the staple late night eateries for Collegetown students. According to Chafee, the restaurant closed because the building’s lease expired and the landlord decided to transform the space into a real estate office for his properties. Chafee said the “old good memories we had when we started in Collegetown [in 1997]” prompted the opening of Sammy’s Express again in 2014. However, Chafee noted that business is “not like it used to be.”
“I think everyone eat[s] at dining halls at Cornell — I know the quality of food got much better on campus,” he said.