Priority Pre-Enrollment Brings Bittersweet Closure to Seniors’ Final Semester

While every pre-enrollment period can be stressful for Cornell students, many seniors graduating next spring found the process effortless and exciting. Pre-enrollment allows students to register for the following semester’s classes months in advance. Each class year is assigned a three-day period in which they can enroll in classes and adjust their schedule. 

The first undergraduate enrollment period is usually allotted to seniors, followed by juniors, sophomores and first-year students. Priority enrollment allows seniors to secure spots in the classes needed to fulfill their graduation requirements and those that appeal to their personal interests. This year, pre-enrollment for seniors took place from Nov.

EDITORIAL: Refresh Pre-Enroll

It’s 6:59 a.m. and you are trying to proceed to Step 2. Maybe this will be the semester you get all the classes. Or maybe your page will have the dreaded grey load box in the corner and you will be locked out of enrolling in your classes — both the mandatory ones and your electives — yet again. Cornell’s current pre-enroll system simply favors those with good internet connection. And that’s not okay.