LINSEY | Premier League: New Managers in New Positions

When Abel Hernandez kicked the ball back towards his orange-clad teammates, Hull City’s Uruguayan striker made the first pass of the 2016-17 Premier League season. Perhaps the most prominent feature of this new season is the many excellent managers who have taken their talents to the Premiership over the summer. Let’s run the rule over each of the new arrivals and evaluate who will be deemed successful once the season’s last ball is kicked in May. Two weeks into the season, it seems like Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho is best positioned for instant success. Mourinho brings a pedigree of success, both in England with Chelsea FC and on the continent with Real Madrid, Porto and Inter Milan.

LINSEY | Premier Predictions for the Premier League

A grueling 38-game season from August to May determines the Premier League champion. The teams play most weekends, with several additional games squeezed in over the holidays. Therefore, a good chunk of the season happens between early December and late January, which is inconveniently overlapped with winter break, devoid of Daily Sun soccer articles. As a result, I could have written this week’s article as a laundry list of everything that happened in the soccer world in the last seven weeks.