Wegmans Cuts Food Prices in Light of Endangered SNAP Funding

Pasta, potatoes, eggs and bread are just a few of the items that Wegmans chose to discount from Feb. 16 to March 2 in response to a shortage in national food stamp funding and lingering food insecurity after the government shutdown.

Wegmans Offers Free Medicine

In an effort to help alleviate the economic strain on customers, Wegmans Food Market Inc. has decided to make prescriptions for oral antibiotics free for its Club Shoppers. The program will run during the months when usage of such medicine peaks, from Jan. 7 to March 31.

“We realize that customers and employers are feeling the pinch of economy,” Jeanne Colleluori, Wegmans communications and media specialist. “One way to help people lead healthier lives is by relieving the economic pressure of their pharmaceutical requirements.”

Although Wegmans will not divulge the financial cost of this initiative, the company expects that its customers will save $1 million.

Wegmans Supermarket Vows to Lower Prices

Excitement is slowly starting to build in anticipation of the holidays, but at Wegmans, that time of year seems to have already arrived. Last week, Wegmans issued a statement on their website saying, “Wegmans is lowering prices — just in time for the holidays!”
Danny and Colleen Wegman, the two owners of the grocery store chain wrote in a letter that because of anticipated cost decreases, the company had decided to bring the prices down as soon as they could. The CEO and President of Wegmans, Danny Wegman said, “It’s ok with us if we make a little less money.”
Jo Natale, director of media relations for Wegmans, explained some of the reasons for the price decreases.