VALDETARO | Cars, Planes and High-Speed Trains

Yes, improved intercity bus service is desperately needed. But our planet, our future and our present need and deserve more. That’s why we need a New York State high-speed and regional rail network.

CHANG | Finding Food in the Desert

Finding healthful food while living off-campus is the second most difficult task to do as a Cornellian — only passing “Introduction to Wines” is harder. We need creative solutions from the University and the municipal government to help encourage healthier eating habits in Ithaca’s food desert. It might surprise you that much of Ithaca is actually part of a food desert, according to the USDA’s definition. In an urban area — I know, it might be a bit rich to call Ithaca urban, although it’s also not exactly rural — a food desert requires the absence of a full-service grocery store in a one-mile radius. Much of the northwest and southern areas of the 14850 zip code area fit this definition.

TCAT Revises Service in Response to Pandemic, Reduced Ridership

The Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit is a service essential to the lives of both Cornell students and people living in and around the Ithaca area. However, the beloved blue buses have been facing struggles of their own since the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown in March.

TCAT to Run Free Rides on Election Day

On Nov. 3, all TCAT bus routes will run during their normal service period, bringing riders to their designated polls for free.