GUEST ROOM | The 303 Creative Ruling is a Bigger Deal Than You Think

As current and recent college students, the recent June Supreme Court rulings against student loan forgiveness and affirmative action stood out to many of us, but there was another, even more significant case decided on the last day of Pride Month this year.

In 303 Creative llc v. Elenis, Lorie Smith, the owner and sole employee of the graphic design business 303 Creative, brought a pre-enforcement challenge against the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act. Smith proposed to start designing wedding websites and planned to establish a policy of denying service to same-sex couples, which violates CADA. In a statement on her website, Smith wrote, “The messages I have received [since the ruling] have shown that there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about the case,” so let’s clarify the facts of the case.