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WU | My Name is Yellow

Just because we aren’t bigots or aren’t white or aren’t American does not mean we aren’t part of the problem.

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WAITE | Unmasking the Racist Infection of the Coronavirus

My freshman year in high school, I was playing an improv game in my theatre class. Everyone stood in a circle; one person began acting out what object or noun they were and then someone else jumped into the circle, acting as another object or noun that was subsequently added to the scenario. Usually, if people’s instinctive responses to playful prompts are not racist, the game is light-hearted. For instance, if one person jumps in acting like a dog, the next person jumps in acting like a fire hydrant. But alas, as the second round of the improv game progressed, it quickly turned volatile: One person jumped in saying they were a police officer and immediately after, the next person said they were “an african american” and then the following person jumped in with wide eyes and waving hands, exclaiming that he was “Ebola.” I left the room after this, so I am not sure how the game continued.

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CONTRERAS | Dairy’s True Colors: Racism at Dairy Day

If you haven’t noticed the bubbling racial tension on campus as of late, you should probably come out from under your rock. From the unjust removal of and discrimination against Julia Feliz to racially insensitive Halloween costumes across campus, there is reason for people of color at Cornell to be on edge. So, when some friends informed me that they heard a member of an on-campus organization, who requested not to be named, say, “I’m not racist, but I just don’t like Mexicans,” I felt compelled to respond. As a Mexican-American student at Cornell, I am appalled that one of my peers felt comfortable to not only announce their racist beliefs, but do so at a public University event. The racist comment occurred on Oct.

Julia Feliz, a former fellow at the Alliance for Science, speaks about their experience at the Student Assembly meeting at Willard Straight Hall.

Julia Feliz Says That Cornell Was Racist. Their Story Prompted a Reply From President Pollack, a Student-Led Rally and University Pushback.

Starting October 15, Julia Feliz would not be welcome at Cornell’s Alliance for Science program, its director said. The decision — which Feliz shared in a widely-circulated post — was followed by waves of student support in a Student Assembly resolution in solidarity with Feliz and a planned rally, as well as a University statement disputing many of Feliz’s characterizations.

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DZODZOMENYO | What You’re Probably Missing About Blackface

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s re-election campaign was thrust into chaos last week when decades-old photos emerged of the self-proclaimed “woke” PMILF wearing culturally imitative costumes and brown and black face paint. Canadians of all colors withdrew their support and expressed shock, betrayal, scorn and disgust. I, on the other hand, felt there were bigger fish to fry. I don’t think what Trudeau did actually deserves the level of attention it’s been getting. The vast majority of people, whether or not they protested, didn’t seem to understand what was wrong with his actions, the history that underlies them and, most importantly, how likely they are to have committed a similar offense sometime that past week.