SEX ON THURSDAY | Mixing Sex and Substance

On Oct. 23, The Sun’s headline read “Near-Naked Cornell Runner Attacks 2 Women, Threatens to Rape Them After Taking ‘Acid.’”
I remember reading that. I released an exasperated puff and thought to myself, “I cannot believe that this happens at Cornell.” As I pondered it more, however, I realized, obviously this happens at Cornell. In fact, I’m surprised (but grateful), we haven’t seen worse. We live in a world of athletes dropping acid and stumbling bleary-eyed around parties preying on freshman girls.

EDITORIAL: Reed Steberger ’13 Must Withdraw from District 4 Race

Editors Note: Reed Steberger ’13 ended their candidacy for Tompkins County Legislature Thursday night.   

In less than one week, Democrats will head to the polls to elect their nominees for the Tompkins County legislature. In District 4, incumbent Rich John ’81, who won a write-in campaign four years ago, is being challenged by Reed Steberger ’13. No candidate in the race has been endorsed by this paper. However, following a disturbing report in The Sun about Steberger’s conduct while at Cornell University, we are calling on Steberger to drop out of contention for this seat.

Former Standout Goalie McKee Charged With Rape

Four years after his record-breaking 2004-05 season for the men’s hockey team, former goalie David McKee has been charged with raping an unconscious, intoxicated woman in California in 2006. On June 5, McKee pleaded not guilty to a one-count charge of rape of an unconscious person and one felony count of rape by intoxication. McKee, now free on $100,000 bail, is due back in court in Santa Ana, Calif., on July 10 for a pretrial hearing. If convicted, McKee faces a maximum of eight years in prison.