SEX ON THURSDAY | Recently Rejected and Unable to Cope

For too long, I’ve thought of men as robots who gravitate to a massive butt or perfectly-adjusted boobs. It baffled me that I looked my best, put on the charm and still got left high and dry. Surely, in the half-hour (!) that we spoke prior to the inevitable rejection, a hair must’ve fallen out of place, or I said something incredibly unattractive. That night, after shedding a few crocodile tears, I began to think about everything that isn’t perfect about me.

So much flooded my mind. Maybe I was too forward, I thought. Maybe I should’ve acted less interested, I wondered.

GUEST ROOM | Rejection: The Worst Thing You Never Knew You Needed

We come to Cornell told that we are the best of the best, scoring in the 99th percentile in standardized testing and consistently top of our high school class but what happens when the best of the best are living in a microcosm? The answer is rejection. Yesterday, I was rejected from two professional fraternities within a 12-hour period, and this morning when I arrived downstairs to have breakfast with my sorority sisters I was greeted with a similar air of rejection followed by stories of disappointment. I realized that a common feature of the Cornell experience is rejection. We all experience it in nearly all avenues of our daily lives.

SEX ON THURSDAY | I’m Bad at This

“You write a sex column. Aren’t you supposed to be good at figuring this stuff out?”

It’s a question I’ve gotten a lot — mostly in my own head — but also from a few friends who know the real person behind the pseudonym Reykjadick. The truth is I am very, very bad at this. I also have some minor successes. In the interest of providing the valuable insight that not all Sun Sex on Thursday columnists spend their time having elaborate sexcapades so elaborate they would make the wildest porno you’ve ever seen — complete with Fabio on Horseback — here are some tales of, well, not that.