SEX ON THURSDAY | Why, Oh Why is He Taken?

Annaleigh Ashford said it best as Lauren in Kinky Boots: they’re only nice when they’re unavailable.

I, Virginia Snatch, capped off an uneventful winter break with an extremely eventful return to campus. I left last semester’s sneaky link (the subject of one too many Sex on Thursday articles…) behind and went searching for a new one. I hope you all have been up to the same hijinks as yours truly.

However, this prowling has taken me back to square one: A guy I tried to curb my feelings for because of his relationship status. Yes, of course, the guy I like is taken. Another notch in a series of unfortunate events, that is, my love life.

SWASING | Long-Term, Long-Distance, Long Shot

Last week, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary. Thankfully, it lined up with Thanksgiving break, otherwise we would have been celebrating over the phone. We’re long-distance during the school year so that I can be at school in Ithaca, and he can work at his job back home. I’ve found that being in a long-term, long-distance relationship is somewhat off the beaten path for college students, and I have struggled to figure out how my relationship fits into my life as a student, both academically and socially. 

STELLA | The Quest For Human Interaction in the Age of Coronavirus

It’s been a week and a half since I returned to The States from my shortened semester abroad. I’ve been in quarantine since stepping back inside my childhood home, not just because I was in Europe, but because the Bay Area instituted shelter in place two days after my return. The state of California followed suit a few days later, and other states such as Illinois and Pennsylvania have the same restrictions. There are now 20 countries under a Center for Disease Control level 3 warning, not including the fact that the entirety of Europe is a level 3. Additionally, the CDC has put all travel anywhere at a level 2 warning.