SONG | I Rushed a Sorority as an Undercover Journalist

I am not a sorority girl. I prefer sparkling water over beer and I don’t own a Gucci handbag or shiver in 6 inch heels in the middle of winter. But last week I found myself at rush event, plastering on a sorority girl smile. Why? Because I wanted to figure out the system from the inside, so I rushed a sorority.

PARK | A Sorority Rush Conversation

Welcome to Kappa Alpha Delta Theta Sigma Epsilon Phi! This is my home and I hope we have impressed you with our color-coordinated outfits and synchronized song. Can I take your coat? It will give me a chance to check the label as well as determine your worth by the proportions of your body and value of your clothes. So tell me about yourself!

Multicultural Greek Groups Seek to Expand Reach

For those who desire a unique cultural experience from fraternities or sororities, the Multicultural Greek Letter Council offers several options. While most who take part in multicultural rush come from minority groups, the organizations stress that by no means do they exclude based on race.
This year, MGLC recruitment has seen an increase in interest, which corresponds with an increase in prospective rushees across Greek organizations on campus. Over the past few years, “Greek life has expanded,” said Nicholas Diaz ’10, president of MGLC. “We’ve gone from four chapters to 17.”