Priority Pre-Enrollment Brings Bittersweet Closure to Seniors’ Final Semester

While every pre-enrollment period can be stressful for Cornell students, many seniors graduating next spring found the process effortless and exciting. Pre-enrollment allows students to register for the following semester’s classes months in advance. Each class year is assigned a three-day period in which they can enroll in classes and adjust their schedule. 

The first undergraduate enrollment period is usually allotted to seniors, followed by juniors, sophomores and first-year students. Priority enrollment allows seniors to secure spots in the classes needed to fulfill their graduation requirements and those that appeal to their personal interests. This year, pre-enrollment for seniors took place from Nov.

ONONYE | Seniors, It’s Our Turn to be Mentors

During my freshman year, I joined Building Ourselves through Sisterhood and Service, a peer mentoring program for womxn of color on campus. Every year B.O.S.S. assigns upper-level mentors to  first-year and sophomore womxn on campus. It is very much a get-as-much-as-you-put-in sort of organization. They provide brunches, movie nights and service opportunities for mentor-mentee pairs to bond, but still encourage them to get to know each other beyond scheduled events. 

GHAZI & YAMAZAKI | And Then They Were Roommates

When you put a minimalist and a maximalist in a room together at 18 and tell them to make the arrangement work, it makes no sense that ours did. For four years, we inhabited two different Cornells, but we worked as roommates because we both wanted to create the same Cornell: a place where you can be both soft and strong, thriving and hurt, grounded in your being and terrified of your becoming.

STELLA | Seven Saturdays Left

I knew this was coming, all year our class has been interviewing for real-world jobs, buying grown-up pants, figuring out how much of our salary we can spend on the shoebox New York City apartment and googling how long we can stay on our parents’ insurance plans. (If I break my wrist past 27, I’m shit out of luck.) But hearing my friend phrase it in that way shattered the glass for me.

STELLA | Senior Citizenship in College

It’s reasons like these that we no longer feel the wind in our face in our chipper walks to campus, but instead feel awfully similar to Chevy Chase in Community.