LEUNG | For Better

One of the things I find most difficult is describing experiences. Every experience is so unique to the individual going through it, and every emotion is so deeply felt. In my past article, “For Better or For Worse,” I wrote about my upcoming spring break trip to Nicaragua with Bridges to Community and my skepticism with service trips in general. It was only after a tearful Skype session with my parents after my return when I had to abruptly log off because the culture shock I faced was too overwhelming, that I finally understood how much the trip had impacted me. After spending just over a week in Siuna, Nicaragua, I cannot emphasize enough how important and meaningful a short-term stay can be. I had trust in the program I was going with, but at the back of my mind I couldn’t help but question the extent to which our work would really help and support the community.

LEUNG | For Better or Worse

As Spring Break nears, I can feel my excitement levels rising. Normally, I would be counting down the days until I can enjoy the company of my three favorite things again (my family, friends and cats) but I won’t be returning home until the end of May. Instead, I’m packing my bags, fleeing the bipolar weather of Ithaca and heading to Nicaragua. But this isn’t just a regular spring break trip. As a member of Bridges to Community at Cornell, I have the opportunity to spend 10 days in Nicaragua doing service work.