SEX ON THURSDAY | What a Girl Wants

No, I’m not talking about the 2003 Amanda Bynes romcom. That is a masterpiece, though. Women, especially twenty-something-year-olds, are complex creatures. We contain multitudes, and each of us has our likes, dislikes and preferences — this extends not only to everyday life but also to our relationships and sex lives. Everyone has something that makes them tick.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Reflecting on My Slut Era

Even as I try to avoid the dreaded senior spring waves of self-reflection, no period of my college life has stood out to me more than my self-proclaimed slut era. The online discourse surrounding “slut eras” highlights their intentionality: the choice to lean into an aura of sluttiness and an influx of casual sex. My own slut era began, as many do, after a breakup. Coming back from winter break and the end of my high-school-turned-long-distance relationship, my exploration of the borders of singleness would define my sophomore spring semester. I embraced my first foray into fun, meaningless sex head-on.

SEX ON THURSDAY | To Screw or Not To Screw (In the Stacks)

Today I write with a confession of my own naivety, willing to admit that despite my self-proclaimed breadth of knowledge regarding Cornell’s sexscape, there is one element of our campus’ sensual situation that I have critically overlooked: I did not realize that people were actually fucking in the stacks.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Lions and Tigers and Sex Toys, Oh My!

If waltzing into an adult outlet and buying the skimpiest pair of lingerie and a 12-inch strap-on makes someone happy, so be it. If waiting until marriage makes you feel more confident and secure in yourself, do it! Orgies? Not for me, but wonderful for anyone who desires them.