SEX ON THURSDAY | Lions and Tigers and Sex Toys, Oh My!

If waltzing into an adult outlet and buying the skimpiest pair of lingerie and a 12-inch strap-on makes someone happy, so be it. If waiting until marriage makes you feel more confident and secure in yourself, do it! Orgies? Not for me, but wonderful for anyone who desires them.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Lamenting Romantic Labels

Over the summer I called into question this nonchalance toward cutting off all romantic partners that never earned the title of “MY partner” when it came time to actually tell them that I would not be seeing them any longer. Even though we had spent loads of time together out getting drinks, going for walks or in bed, I was incredibly tempted to dismiss it all and just use my lablelessness as a fog cover to fade away into obscurity. 

SEX ON THURSDAY | Roommates: Your Most Commendable Cockblock

All in all, sharing a room with a virtual stranger for the first year of college is potentially the most significant cockblock you will ever experience. Even when they aren’t physically present, their influence lingers and dramatically contributes to your celibacy. For the sake of yourself, your future partner(s) and the individual(s) you share space with, get to know your roommate.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Nursing Home for Cougars

Working in a women’s assisted living and dementia care facility has meant effectively working in a sorority house full of 80-year-old cougars who’ve forgotten their ages — and most of their manners.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Long Live the Sex Column

No other student newspaper is brave enough to cover the story of what happens in the bedroom, the often unreported stage where so many current events happen, like someone losing their virginity or orgasming for the hundredth time. So many actors strut and fret their hour upon the stage and then are heard no more, a tale told by an idiot like me full of sound and fury signifying nothing — but that’s what life is. Life is one big sex column we’re all writing in our heads.

SEX ON THURSDAY | In Defense of Furries

I propose that, for a moment, we un-think everything we previously judged about furries, seeing them instead as a revolutionary movement. If you like the subversive ideology of punk rock, you should also respect furries for being noncommodifiable as the producers of their own fandom.

SEX ON THURSDAY | All My Love, Lady Whisthlehoe

This week, the Lady With No Game has evaded her responsibilities in order to immerse herself in the glittering gilded world that is Netflix’s Bridgerton. I’m even guilty of hiding my headphones and watching the show in class. The hopeless romantic and future gold digger in me can’t resist the world of opulence and courting — the balls, the dresses and the lineup of gorgeous men.