GUEST ROOM | When Entitlement Becomes Exploitation: A Survivor’s Opinion

Over the past week, I’ve kept my eye out for this entitlement, and not just in the form and context of assault either. I’ve witnessed it in classrooms, at the bar and… honestly everywhere. I never thought I would be “that kid” or, perhaps more pejoratively though more accurately in my mind, “that girl.” The hypocritical elite. The college call-out girl. The hypocritically critical New Jersey sorority girl, calling out elitism. 

SEX ON THURSDAY | Trigger Warning: An Assault Story

Looking back on them now, the events of the night and the order in which they occurred are blurry to say the least — many parts stored in my memory now only as blank segments of emotional turmoil with physical pain periodically piercing through. But here’s some of what I do remember. 

KENKARE | The Good Guys

Warning: The following content contains sensitive material about sexual assault. Students discussed in this article have been given pseudonyms to protect their identities. A week ago, I found out, during a devastatingly casual conversation, that a charming, personable man I know and liked on campus had assaulted a dear friend of mine when we were freshmen. The details of their encounter are not necessary for this article, but suffice to say the story was every bit as horrible and heartbreaking as that of Chanel Miller’s, as Erica Kinsman’s, as every story of rape or sexual assault that I’m sure you’ve read of or heard about. 

This man was well-known as a “good guy” — sure, maybe a little insensitive, maybe casually arrogant with the privilege that comes from being a tall, handsome white dude, but inherently a good person. I’d heard about his “creepy” behavior from girls he’d ghosted and one-night-stood over the years, and always assumed that their words were reflections of his immaturity. But the details of this particular incident brought me clarity.