Slam Poet Performs at Cornell

Award-winning spoken word poet Porsha “O” Olayiwola was invited Thursday to speak at a “Freedom Interrupted” lecture.

HAGOPIAN | Democracy, Morality and Hookup Culture

Last year I participated in an activity as part of my training to become a peer counselor. All the trainees stood up and answered questions by moving to either the “yes’” side of the room or the “no” side. One of the questions was, “is it okay to have sex with people you don’t care about?” I was one of the few who went to the “no” side. As a follow-up exercise, one person from each side was asked to share the reasoning that led to their answer. The “yes” representative spoke primarily about consequence.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Ode to the Almost Micro-Penis

About a year ago I encountered my first small penis. After what was by far one of the best fucks of my life, I wrote a column to spread the word that it’s not about the size of the boat but about the motion of the ocean: how good sex is depends more on how the guy “moves” than on the size of his dick. I return to this subject, some time and couple of sexual partners later, with my views slightly shifted. I had reached the conclusion that motions trumps size but that big dicks are still more enjoyable. But then, along came a fellow who had both a sturdy boat and eloquent motion, and I realized I don’t like big boats.


Men, the bar is set so low for you when it comes to sex with women, it is concerning. Honestly, pleasing a woman is too damn easy — all you have to do is make her orgasm. Most of the time, you don’t even need to make a woman cum multiple times, because other men are so shitty at sex, the poor girl will most likely be delighted to have cum at all. And, contrary to popular belief, making women cum is actually not that hard if you invest a modicum of time and effort into the endeavor. I can get myself to orgasm in five minutes, and, if my female friends are telling the truth, I am not the exception.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Craigslist, or, The Straight Man’s Closet

For this “Sex on Thursday,” I again refuse silence about “explicit” or even “unnatural” gay sex acts that gays still cannot generally discuss openly. The one summer where I stayed on campus, I still wasn’t completely out. And I hadn’t turned 21 yet, so I couldn’t go to any bars to meet guys at gay night. Finding little luck without a face pic on Grindr, I posted on Craigslist for casual encounters while buzzed one summer evening. Using an old e-mail address, and having changed the “sender name” to something unrecognizable, I started receiving responses to my ad within minutes.

Sex Veteran Links Appetite for Food to Erotica

Laughter ensued Friday evening in Goldwin Smith Hall as Sarah Katherine Lewis, a feminist and author of the book Sex and Bacon, gave a personal anecdote about her first job in the sex industry as a lingerie model in the lecture “Sex & Bacon: Why We Love The Things That Are Very ‘Bad’ For Us.”
“I was pretty naïve when I started; I actually thought the job was modeling lingerie,” she said. She was surprised when she discovered her new job required her coyly to entertain customers albeit with no nudity.
Before her debut in the sex industry, Lewis worked various minimum wage jobs. She realized, however, that she could find no time to write, adding, “All I wanted to do was write.”