SEX ON THURSDAY | A Guide to Cornell College Copulation

If there’s one thing my time at Cornell has taught me it’s that academic stress gets people horny. Not just your normal amount of college horny either; literally the #1 thing to accomplish on “161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do” is “Make the library into your bedroom and have sex in the stacks.” There is an entire community of people trying to get anonymously laid through Sidechat … all the more power to us, but these things are not standard university practice. In order to unpack Cornell’s Big Red sex drive, I’ve curated a carefully thought out list of which college theoretically pulls the most bodies. Have no fear, I am not an informational dictator; in order to best set the stage for this informed ranking, I have consulted the Sidechat community via poll in order to ensure that everyone’s voice (or at least the voices of 164 anonymous Cornell students) is heard. The results were as follows:

Survey: Which college gets the most action?

KUBINEC | BeReal is Saving Gen-Z

BeReal walks a middle road between throwing your phone into Beebe Lake and spending your vacation obsessively taking selfies. It’s what I like to call dumb social media — apps whose entire appeal is their limitations. BeReal does not allow users to see follower counts, filter their pictures or post more than once a day. The app exists more or less as an elaborate inside joke between its users, a meme turned to reality. And it’s not alone in the dumb social media category.