GUEST ROOM | Reforming the Greek System Before We Throw it Away

Correction appended. This Guest Room column is in response to the Guest Room column “Gone With Greek Life, for Good.” I came to Cornell with no intention of joining Greek life. The majority of my high school class went on to universities that seemed more focus on football and frat parties than education. I heard countless stories about Greek life that I wanted no part in.


SONG | I Rushed a Sorority as an Undercover Journalist

I am not a sorority girl. I prefer sparkling water over beer and I don’t own a Gucci handbag or shiver in 6 inch heels in the middle of winter. But last week I found myself at rush event, plastering on a sorority girl smile. Why? Because I wanted to figure out the system from the inside, so I rushed a sorority.


PARK | A Sorority Rush Conversation

Welcome to Kappa Alpha Delta Theta Sigma Epsilon Phi! This is my home and I hope we have impressed you with our color-coordinated outfits and synchronized song. Can I take your coat? It will give me a chance to check the label as well as determine your worth by the proportions of your body and value of your clothes. So tell me about yourself!

Guest Room

GUEST ROOM | Fraternity is Not for All

Regardless of what the Interfraternity Council wants you to believe, fraternity is not for all. Most of us live in varying degrees of denial of this fact, but repeating “Greek life is bad” over and over dulls the message to those who need to hear it, and prevents us from discussing the deeper issues. The first fraternities were made up of wealthy white men who had enough free time to sit around and come up with elitist group names. It is and always has been exclusionary. Everyone loves to shit on Greek life, but we are all components of the system.

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GUEST ROOM | Cornell Freshmen, Rush!

Wow. Sarah Lieberman’s ’19 column on August 30 was a thunderclap. Cornell Alumni across the globe forwarded the link. Ms. Lieberman fires Rush 2018 starter gun by sending out an advertisement to the Cornellians interested in joining our fraternities. Labelling fraternity members with such stereotypes is as inaccurate and inappropriate as the claims that Cornell women are judged by fraternities rather than other Cornellians.

Sorority Rush Results Show Drop in Bids

Seven hundred and seventy six women returned to Ithaca early last month for sorority recruitment — which officially ended with bid night Jan. 26 — according to Katherine-Rae Cianciotto, assistant dean of students. “There’s no real negative effect on sororities because of differing class sizes”
Rachel Baer ’17

The number of women who participated in recruitment this year remained virtually the same as last year, with only a five-person increase, she said. However, this year’s recruitment numbers reveal a continuing trend of decreased participation in sorority rush. Last year, around 100 fewer women partook in recruitment than the year prior, when there were 871 rushees.