BEARD | Heading South: Reflections on the Sunshine State

Like Canadian geese in the winter, Cornell’s student body shed their thousand dollar Canada Goose jackets and fled south for some vitamin D rehabilitation and much needed rest and relaxation away from prelims, deadlines and CHEM 2090: Engineering General Chemistry. Many decamped to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, California or anywhere that a sunburn would be possible. In a similar vein, my fair skin and I left New York and made for warmer waters in the state of Florida — Tampa specifically. In the space of 10 brief days in the Sunshine State, I saw some things worthy of the famed “Florida Man” headlines, learned a few important life lessons and returned to Ithaca with my skin a few shades redder. 

Our Florida odyssey began as we made our way south on I-75 towards Tampa. When you think of Florida, your mind tends to conjure up images of beaches and sunshine.

MEIDENBAUER | The Break Dilemma

Breaks literally “break” up the natural week-to-week rhythm of the semester. In many ways that’s great, but when it comes to juggling workloads, it creates its own unique challenges that many of us don’t like to acknowledge. As someone that thrives on organization, it’s easy to capitalize on the momentum of a structured schedule week after week. Many of us develop innate rhythms; going to the library every Sunday for example. These rhythms take time and tweaking to develop and are thrown off by the sudden absence of a workload, even if only for a brief time.

The Spring Break Health Initiative

No matter what, getting ready for Spring Break is all about being healthy and feeling good in your own skin. Any time you choose an apple over a donut is progress even if you don’t see an immediate change when you look in the mirror.