The Spring Break Health Initiative

No matter what, getting ready for Spring Break is all about being healthy and feeling good in your own skin. Any time you choose an apple over a donut is progress even if you don’t see an immediate change when you look in the mirror.

Countdown to Spring Break: Smoothie Bowls

Despite the weather right now, Spring Break is on its way. Once prelim season subsides everyone will start getting worried about how to get their bodies in shape for warm weather and swimsuits.

Cornell Academic Calendar Fail

Athletically speaking, Cornell may have one of the most unfortunate academic calendars.
Like many young sports fans, I grew up mesmerized by the college basketball tournament every March. I got so excited, so wrapped up in the story lines of the various schools I might not have even heard of before. I literally spent time just sitting in my living room, or lying on my bed, imagining what it would be like to be a student at any one of these Cinderella schools — wondering what it would be like to be surrounded by such energy and enthusiasm.

Moustache March: Rules to Fancy Facial Hair

It’s spring (purportedly) and there’s growth sprouting all around — and I don’t just mean on the Arts Quad, I mean on the faces of men, young and old, on campus and all around the world. Many news and celebrity outlets have been commenting on the resurgence of facial hair, especially among younger populations. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal (the list goes on and on) are sporting various types of facial hair, and they are growing it on your average Joe -Plumber, -Hipster, and everything in between.

U.S. State Department Issues Travel Alert, Warns Against Drug Violence in Mexico

Despite warnings issued throughout the nation about the increased bloodshed and chaos in Mexico, students who plan to travel there over spring break are confident that the use of common sense will keep them safe.
On Feb. 20, the U.S. State Department released a warning to American travelers concerning the recent increase in drug-related violence in Mexico and its surrounding U.S. borders. Universities across the nation, including Cornell, have also released warnings to their students about the potential dangers of this popular spring break destination and urged students to exercise extreme caution.

Spring Break Retrospective

Vegas, Baby
by Rebecca Shoval, Sun Senior Writer

It took us until we got about five minutes outside of Los Angeles to bring up the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas reference. Of course, Las Vegas looks nothing like it did when Hunter S. Thompson visited there in 1971. Following an almost five-hour drive past the occasional cluster of homes, a solar powered-energy plant and one large rest stop occupied almost entirely with fast food chains, arriving in Las Vegas gave mirage a new meaning.