Ivies Suddenly Reverse Fall Semester Plans

Cornell finds itself on an ever-shrinking list of colleges persisting with plans to conduct a hybrid semester, with both the University of Pennsylvania and Brown University retreating from such decisions on Tuesday.

Professor Discusses Inequalities in Society

Prof. Prudence Carter, Stanford University, discussed the grave racial, educational and economic inequalities that hinder social mobility for many Americans in a lecture Monday. Carter identified tthe presence of a profound economic gap between caucasians and people of color. “For Hispanics and blacks, the median household income is significantly lower than the national average,” she said. “It is almost normal for black, Native American and Hispanic children to grow up in low-income families.”

Due to this growing economic divide, the U.S. needs to “recalibrate the wealth distribution,” she said. Carter compared the lack of social mobility of students of color — as a result of economic disparity and gaps in educational opportunity — to climbing a flight of stairs.