An Alien Knows More About Me Than I Ever Will

Be it often or seldom, we are reminded just how ridiculous our society and morals are. We get sad for no reason, we get grumpy, we’re ungrateful when we have everything given to us and treat each other like garbage. Jonny Sun’s illustrated novel, Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too, is all about the weird ways of “humabns,” the concepts they’ve created and the way that they deal with feelings, fears and each other.

Heavenly Music: The Sun Interviews Torquil Campbell of Stars

Just when you start to think that fame and success go straight to every human head, Torquil Campbell, lead singer and songwriter for Stars, proves that the brilliant can still be unpretentious and modest. Stars is typically categorized as an “indie rock band,” and although “indie” has become an arbitrary and unspecific genre designation, Campbell is somehow just what you hope every indie musician would be. In fact, with his simple philosophy on music and his remarkable voice, Campbell is just what you hope all musicians would be, onstage and off: really, really cool.

The Sun: Your albums have unusual names, like Dead Child Stars and Set Yourself on Fire. How did you come up with these titles?