Vixen on Vocals: Neko Case Rocks the State Theatre

Riding the bus to the State Theatre last Monday night, I felt apprehensive about reviewing Neko Case’s upcoming performance. During her career, Case has contributed to several different musical groups, including the Corn Sisters, Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, the Sadies and the New Pornographers. Sure, I am a tried and true New Pornographers fan, but would my admiration for Neko Case transcend to her solo work? Would Case’s amazing vocal presence still interest me outside of the indie pop genre? Could I sit through an alternative country song set?
Yes, yes I could. And I would like it. Now I can proudly say that I like country music.

Avett Brothers Draw Die-Hard Crowd to State Theatre

From the balcony of the State Theatre, the turnout for the Avett Brothers seemed unimpressive. Save for a scattering of patrons and a small contingent of students having their own private rave in the upper corner (complete with glow-sticks), the balcony was largely deserted. Fortunately for everyone, the balcony was so depopulated because the entire audience decided to get as close to the stage as possible — the lower level of the theater was the most crowded I have ever seen it, and filled with the most enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever seen (or heard).