LETTER TO THE EDITOR | How to Befriend Ezra

To the Editor:
Although I may have limited sway over Cornell’s future during my last year on campus, and the next administration will certainly set new goals, I would like to both express my thoughts on how all of us can give this university a vigorous identity, and share some insight into areas worthy of improvement. The start of each school year brings new opportunities. We are all welcoming and kindhearted in the beginning, but in order to make the most of our time here, we need to keep it up! This university is large and sometimes daunting, and making it seem smaller takes work. Our environment is shaped by our actions, and from observing successful students, I notice they make sure to stay involved.  Whether through participating in a debate, attending a religious event, or even going to a professor’s office hours, now is the time to interact and especially to feel out of place.