TAARIQ | Escape Ithaca

As much as we love Cornell, many students jump at the chance to leave. Whether it is for a break, a semester or a whole academic year, many students take the opportunity to participate in an exodus off-campus and explore new and exciting places either abroad or domestically. But can you really blame them? Imagine an opportunity to act like an adult but with a great support system, a chance to skip an Ithaca winter and spend our weekends traveling to nearby countries, or doing homework in a forest. Sounds better than trekking to the arts quad.

STELLA | Nobody’s Likin’ This American Boy

Despite our best efforts to blend in with the locals, Americans often stand out even before we even display our unattractive accents. Countries around the globe hold stereotypes about tourists from the States: We’re loud, obnoxious, oblivious of our surroundings and worst of all, ignorant, especially towards other cultures. If you’ve traveled outside the U.S. and interacted with locals, you’ve probably felt some judgement or critical stares. To be fair, a lot of the time Americans stay true to a lot of these stereotypes. One lovely tradition at Cornell, as with countless other colleges, is a Spring Break beach getaway.

LEUNG | Bo Lo Bao, Ever Heard of It?

The first time I was in Hong Kong, I dragged my feet the entire time. I remember a photo of my 13-year-old self wearing an orange rain jacket and pigtails. I look miserable. Maybe it was the humidity that upset me, or I was jet-lagged and wanted to sleep. I still can’t understand why someone that age who had the opportunity to travel to Asia could look so unhappy.